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FLIP Flash Album Deluxe is a fun and an easy software to create animated flipping flash photo albums, which share with friends and families.

With FLIP Flash Album Deluxe, you can create digital photo albums that look like real photo albums and complete with page-flipping action.

Just using lots of beautiful templates, you can add your photos, titles, photo frames, animation effects, etc.

Perfect for special events such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, celebrations.


  1. Cross page
  2. Check this item will show photo in two pages.

  3. Add Jumper for quick flipping
  4. Zoom: Add zoom in/out feature to the album.

  5. Resource Downloder
  6. Download much more templates,pages,jumpers and flash from our new resource center.


  7. Page Counter
  8. Add page number to each pages,you can change the style of them.

  9. Add Center Shadow
  10. Add Shadow to the center of two pages. Make real book effect.

  11. Style of BookBone
  12. Change edge and height of Album,make a real 3D phtot album.


  13. Send your photo albums to your friends via Email
  14. Upload your album to our website (swfbar.com) free (for registered user), share with friends easily.

  15. Make real effect flipping digital photo album
  16. This digital album will be played as a real album with flipping sound when you flip it by mouse. And it can be auto played.

  17. Add sorts of photo frames
  18. Different photo frames increase the harmonious between background and photo style.

  19. Add background music
  20. Open the album with the memory, listen the music with the happiness. Then you will find you have never got such a feeling from true album. The music can be added from local disk or web.

  21. Add title and description for photos
  22. Do you remember the place and the mood you took the photos? Write it down and share with your family and friends.

  23. Add background pictures per page
  24. Different albums fit in with different background styles. You can define individual style or use the materials we provided.

  25. Add dynamic Flash effects per page
  26. Adding a cake with burning candles or a bundle of rising balloons can activate your birthday photo album.

  27. Direct produce single Flash file
  28. Sharing and uploading your album are no more difficult things. You can upload or send SWF file to your family and friends simply and rapidly.

  29. Exact adjusting of properties
  30. Although the FLIP Flash Album easy to use, its advanced properties can make your album unique.

  31. Various text effects
  32. You can make colorful, border and shade effects for your descriptions without any other tools.


  33. Create erose photo album
  34. The page of album can be in any shapes or Flash. So you can make diversify albums, try our heart shape template, you will get it.

  35. Change the size of the album
  36. The size of album can be changed any time and our provide the user a series of standard sizes, such as 7 inch photo album, CD packing and etc.

  37. Add preloader and appendix
  38. When you have amount of photos, you can add a preload bar to show the viewer of the download status. You can add appendix or Advertising information at the bottom.

  39. Plenty of latest templates and materials can be downloaded
  40. For convenience of using our software, we will publish new templates for creating professional photo album by clicks.

  41. Synchropreview window get each steps directly
  42. How about the current page effect? How about the distance between paragraphs? How about the Flash effects? Easy to get all information by this synchropreview window and adjust it at any time.

  43. More features are expected your exploration
  44. FLIP Flash Album becomes more and more powerful. Work on it together and retain the wonderful memories with us.

  45. Why we use SWF file format?
  46. * Fully dynamic effects

    * Protect the right of the photos

    * oo much existing Flash materials

    * Direct display without any installation.

    * Use effects which made by Flash Mixer

    * Remix the photo album with other Flash by Flash Mixer


---New Templates---

---Other Products---

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